Key Library Links

Finding Journal Articles

There are numerous ways to find journal articles on early modern history. One good way to start is by “bibliography chaining,” which is just a fancy way of saying: read the footnotes of another book/article, if a book/article listed in those footnotes sounds interesting/relevant then go look it up by name in the library catalog and read it.

You can also browse and search by keywords/subject. Many articles are included in the basic search bar of the GMU Library’s catalog. You can also search databases of journal articles, such as JSTOR or Project Muse (linked above). Alternatively, you can search for specific journals and look for relevant articles within them. Some potential journals to look for (all of which you should have *free access* to via GMU) include:

Other Writing Tips, Guides, and Information

Wikipedia: You can find tons of tutorials on how to read/edit Wikipedia online. Two that I’ve sent students to before are available at and

Joe Miller’s Writing Tips: These writing tips were created by the late Dr. Joseph C. Miller and are shared here for academic/classroom use only with his permission. The following link will give you a zip file you must uncompress to get to the Word documents: Miller’s Writing Tips